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A selection of oshigata examples.
These include both signed and mumei (unsigned) examples.

Oshigata are drawn on sheets of very thin Japanese paper, similar to tracing paper but with a little more fiber. This is to ensure the paper can be pressed gently onto the nakago of a sword so that a careful rubbing can be made to directly capture any details of a signature or filing patterns that are important for classification. The shape of the sword is then accurately traced out and the blade details drawn in using a variety of pencils, carbon rods and shading techniques.

The result is always a fresh and unique look at the sword. During the detailed examination that is needed to do an oshigata you often discover fine features that could be missed in a normal viewing.

Please click on the images below to see enlargements.

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Katana Oshigata

  • Kaifu school
Kaifu katana

Katana Oshigata

  • Noshu ju Kanesaki
Shinto katana

Katana Oshigata

  • Ishido school
Ishido katana

Wakizashi Oshigata

  • Bizen den
Bizen wakizashi
bizen wakizashi